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Built Tough for Northern Climates

Drop&Go System

Our Drop&Go System™ is a proprietary design that makes our homes robust and reliable, and easier to install on site.

Our Drop&Go System allows our homes to be placed on various foundations (i.e. compacted gravel, pads, etc).

The entire underside of the building is closed off with half-inch, treated plywood. This makes it virtually pest, moisture and rot proof.

All plumbing, wiring and heating are contained inside the walls. This ensures that plumbing works year round, even during the coldest winters. The floor is also well-insulated.

Sewer, water, and electrical connections are all easily accessible on the exterior wall of the house.

Skirting is optional, saving you time during installation. There is no need to heat a crawl space for pipes or wiring.

General Features

Full sized modern kitchen.

Full-sized tub/shower combo.

Airtight and well-insulated for energy savings.

Spacious interior-peaked roof with rustic and homey aesthetic.

Attractive and durable outdoor panel siding with shutter-window look.

Attractive and durable quarter-inch interior wall paneling.

Five appliances are included: range, fridge, microwave, washer and dryer.

New model baseboard heaters in all rooms with thermostats to control individual temperatures as needed.

All light fixtures are included. Pot lights featured in kitchen with dimmer switch.

Durable laminate flooring.

Low-maintenance, long-lasting metal roof.

Hot water tank and HRV system.

200 amp service and smoke detectors.

Ice shield on the roof to prevent ice buildup.

Some items may not be the same as shown in images.


Each home includes overbuilt 8-inch steel frames with drag/lifting setup pins for designed for winter road shipping.

Each unit has a unique model number ID tag.

The floor has pressure treated 2×10-inch wooden beams.

Inside and outside walls are all made of 7×16-inch Oriented Strand Board.

Floors are insulated with R-40 Dense Pack.

Walls are insulated with R-22 Batt Insulation.

Roof is insulated with R-47 Dense Pack.

Windows are 4×4-foot, triple-pane.

Sliding patio doors are 6-foot and triple-pane.

Exterior door is heavy duty.

Home Size Options

2 Bedroom Home
52′×15′2′′ (790 Square Feet)
Currently in Production

3 Bedroom Home
60′×15′2′′ (912 Square Feet)
2022 Fall Avaiability

Standards and Certifications

All drawings are engineer-certified with stamps.

Homes are enrolled in the Manitoba Certificate of Recognition (CORĀ®) Program.

Regular inspections are conducted by provincial building inspectors during construction.

Homes meet or exceed all provincial and national building codes.

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